Excel Africa Tours specializes in conducting tours, travel to Africa, and promoting African fashion, culture, and events. Our focus is on conducting West African tours with emphasis on Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia for African-Americans and residents wanting to trace roots and return to their ancestral home – Africa. We provide guided journeys through these countries, booking hotel rooms, arranging ground transportation, and meals.

As part of the trip, we offer people of African descent coming to West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia) with an unforgettable homecoming pilgrimage to reconnect with their culture and the motherland during a naming ceremony, attended by the local paramount chief. In Ghana, we will pay homage to Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, King of the Asanteman Kingdom. In Nigeria, we will visit Kings & Ezes, and Chiefs to welcome and celebrate our guests.

In addition, Excel Africa Tours features African textile, fashion, home décor, accessories and organizes music concerts, fashion shows, cultural expos and tourism and fashion workshops.


This Explore Nigeria tour starts from Western Nigeria through the Mid-west, South-South, through Eastern Nigeria and finally ends in northern Nigeria.

Abridged Tour Highlight:

Day 1:  Arrive Lagos

Day 2:  A Lagos city tour to Lagos Island & Badagry Slave trade route.

Day 3:  A trip to Abeokuta to see Olumo Rock & tour the ancient Egba-land.

Day 4:  Drive to Abuja city tour including visits to Ushafa pottery village and Zuma Rock.

Day 5:  A trip to Jos with visits to Assop Falls, museum of traditional architecture, Naraguta arts village.

Day 6:  Drive from Jos to Bauchi for wildlife game viewing at the Yankari National park in Bauchi.

Day 7:  Flight from Bauchi to Enugu in Eastern Nigeria. Tour Enugu and environs.

Day 8: Flight to Lagos and final Departure

Tour Cost Inclusive:

1. Domestic airfare included, where applicable and expressly stated.

2. Tourist transfers are in air-conditioned vehicles.

Tour Cost-Exclusive:

a. Cost of Visa/Entry permit to Nigeria

b. Costs of international flight tickets to/from Nigeria

c. Items of personal nature, gifts and etcetera.

Service Terms & Conditions Any service not expressly stated in this itinerary is NOT part of our agreed service to you. And all services have to be paid beforehand


The Republic of Liberia, Africa’s oldest republic, located in West Africa, is a quaint country of about 43,000 square miles (111,369 square kilometers) and is home to about 3.7 million people. Liberia was founded by freed black slaves from the US. The people of Liberia are known to be very hospitable and friendly.


Centennial Pavilion Monrovia: The hall was built in 1947, to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the country’s independence, and is situated on the inauguration spot for Liberia’s presidents. Wulki Farms Wulki Farms is a resort and farm on Kakata Highway in Careysburg, about 20 miles from Monrovia. The resort includes a swimming pool, horseback riding, hiking, a driving range, basketball, tennis courts, a farm/petting zoo with animals such as donkeys and ostriches, and a western-style restaurant.

Libassa Ecolodge
Built in a remote forest of palm trees, Libassa Ecolodge is a perfect place to enjoy nature and escape the chaos of everyday life. As a relatively low key paradise, Libassa features beautiful coastlines, exotic botanical gardens, and a variety of tropical flowers, butterflies, and wild birds. Located 30 minutes from Robert’s International Airport, the resort lies at junction of a virgin lagoon, and the sea offers a variety of unique activities, including swimming, canoeing, and tanning on the beach, for a tourist.

Kpaiyea fortification wall
At Yealleh, Zorzor District, Lofa County, lies one of Liberia’s internationally unknown historical sites –the Kpaiyea Wall that provides a valuable insight about the military lives of the early Liberians. Kpaiyea fortification wall, which is more than 300 years old and dates back to the founding of Liberia in 1822, is an old massive structure of voluminous mud-brick fortification walls. Although some parts of this ancient wall, approximately six miles long, now lies in ruins, it is a recognizable symbol of ancient Liberians and their long and vivid history.

Wongan Waterfall
As a wonder of Liberia, the Wongan waterfall is about 50 to 60 meter high and wide, showcasing an awe-inspiring beauty manifested in the spray, the tranquil island beneath the waterfall and thunderous sound that accompanies the cascading water. Located in Boisien, Kokoyah Statutory District, Bong County, the waterfall’s wide basalt cliffs over which the cascading water falls are framed in particular ways that are different from each other. The Wongan is open to visitors throughout the year, and has a park that is boosted by a thick patch of rain forest, which is home to a variety of plants and animal life that are exclusive to the area.

Elizabeth Village and Resort
Elizabeth Village and Resort, which is perched atop the Benson River, is the first resort in Liberia built from mud and is designed in oval or rondavel style. But it’s a luxurious place that offers the perfect leisure once desired away from home. Each chalet of the 21-bedroom complex is decorated with plush tree beds, a handcrafted map of Liberia, desks, custom-made rags, and rugs from African printed fabrics, which gives you a rustic, chic feeling. The floor tiles are made from tree chips.  

Liberian National Museum
Liberian National Museum is found in Monrovia and it features galleries on each of its three floors. The first floor offers historical objects, papers and private documents from Liberian executives. The second floor features archaeological artifacts. The third floor offers contemporary artworks and travelling exhibitions.

Firestone Plantation
Firestone Plantation is situated within 33 km from Monrovia; Liberia is now home to the world’s largest single natural rubber operation. Firestone operates on a much smaller area of land with close to 8 million rubber trees planted on 200 square miles at its Harbel location.

Monrovia City Tour
Monrovia (capital city of Liberia – Africa’s first independent Republic) is historical and cultural. Nestled in Monrovia’s highest point, Ducor Hill is Liberia’s first defense facility, Fort Norris, the country’s first lighthouse, a monument honoring our first president, Joseph Jenkins Roberts, and the remnants of Liberia’s first five-star hotel (the first in West Africa), Treat yourself to a full walk through of the Providence Baptist Church, a sacred place which was built in the early 1800’s by returning Americo-Liberians.