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We deliver print magazine and digital marketing, online and social media promotions to take you or your organization to the next level. Excel Global Media Group has a team of prolific writers, producers, marketers, experienced and seasoned professionals with the knack for creativity and ideas that work. Our focus is the celebration of excellence in People, Events and Places. We have staff in the USA (Texas, Washington DC, Maryland, New York, Georgia), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Ethiopia), Europe (UK, France), and Asia (Malaysia).

Our magazines are distributed globally, we have an extensive publication history, a broad-based circulation network and over 50,000 print-run. Apart from the major cities in Nigeria, the magazine is distributed in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Ghana, Liberia, among others.

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Be part of this excellence and strong brand leadership by advertising your event, products and services in our all-color glossy magazines. This is a way of projecting your brand to those who desire high standards as well as top of the scale products and services synonymous of our level of clientele.

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Our rates can be found on the accompanying media kit however we can also craft a custom package for you upon request.  Contact us to expand your message to the world.

We focus on celebrating and projecting the uncommon landmarks of people and organizations who contribute to advancement of society through hard-work, honesty, creativity and determination.

At Excel, we derive fulfillment in giving you A GLOBAL PRESENCE with our far and wide reach.

Excel global media group | Excel Magazine International